9 April 2010 Event

Following the success of our first event, we invite you all to join us for more geek drinking.

The next Geek Drinks event is taking place on 9 April 2010 in the back room of The Phoenix Artist Club from 6pm

To view videos of the February event, visit the Geek Drinks YouTube Channel

Because of the high level of interest, we're trying to get a sense of how many are going to turn up. Therefore, if you have time and plan to come, add your name to the list below. We're all inclusive so you wont be excluded if you forget to sign up!

Names please:

Katie Colbourne, geek drinks management team @volumegroup
Steve Berry, geek drinks management team @unloveablesteve
Beth Carroll, geek drinks management team @beth_carroll
Stuart Witts, founder of Eureka140 @stuartwitts
Chris Hall, head bell ringer at Cow Bell @chrish10
Hollie Matthews, Ash Healthcare @holliematthews
Neil Sloan, Radio 1 producer @producerneil
Rebecca Hollis, Intuit UK Social Engagment @RebeccaIntuit
Dirk Singer, head Rabbit at Rabbit @dirktherabbit
Louise Doherty, Rabbit @louisedoherty
Bridey-Rae Lipscombe, Rabbit @brideyrae
Stephanie Mountifield @sjmountifield
Martin Uttley, @martinuttley
Gemma Went, head Cube at Red Cube Marketing @GemmaWent
Keith Errington, from www.spice.co.uk @keitherrington
Paul Smith, from www.spice.co.uk ku.oc.ecips|luap#ku.oc.ecips|luap
Toby Bryans, Strategic Technologist, Schneider Trading, Founding Partner Deburen LLP @tobybryans
Martin Rides, QRazystuff @QRazystuff
Rob Shepherd, Press Dispensary (not Brass Dispensary!) @robshepherd
Marko Minka, Communications at Milieu Architects @MarkoMinka
Olivia Hill, Paint Media PR and Marketing @oliviahill77
Paul Sutton, Digital Media Director currently looking for new role! @ThePaulSutton
Todd Chaffee, maybe depending on when my client launches the new site @chaffeet
Robert Newham, Digital Director, UffindellWest @robertnewham
Matthew Phelan, Director, 4Ps Marketing @matthewphelan
Tommy Twanker, World's No.1 Social Media Guru, Twankers @TwankersUK
Crispin Heath, Wannabe racconteur @crispinheath
Paul Squires, Summersault Communications @paulsq
Lynda Heath, Ash Communications @lynda_heath
Ed Hartigan @edhartigan
Felix Hemsley, Essential Communications SM Mkt. Mgr. @felixhemsley
Josie Rogers, Volume, Social Media Executive @VeeMediaFactory
Graeme Fraser, Marketing Manager, Changefirst @graemefraser
Jonathan Scott, Bringer of Traffic, Caliber Interactive @jonnyscott
Simon Lewis, Only Marketing Jobs, @SimonLewisOMJ
Karen Barber, AudioBoo, http://audioboo.fm, http://twitter.com/klbarber
Emma Haslam, Operations Director, Red Magnet Marketing, ku.oc.gnitekramtengamder|amme#ku.oc.gnitekramtengamder|amme
Jessica Howe, Client Services Director, Red Magnet Marketing, ku.oc.gnitekramtengamder|acissej#ku.oc.gnitekramtengamder|acissej
Simon Adamson, Acc Manager 1000heads @simonadamson
Donna Suffling, Relationships Director, 1000heads @missdd
Sue Ash, Ash Communications @sueash
Simon Hurrell, Technology & Strategy Director 3seven9 @thetraitor
Laurence Borel, Social Media Consultant 90:10 Group @blogtillyoudrop
Jenny Teasdale, Marketing Manager, Press Association @jennyteas
Penny Joyner, Marketing Executive, TNR Communications
Elizabeth Herridge, Project Manager, TNR Communications
David Henry, VP Digital EU Monster Worldwide @hoorayhenry
Steve Craddock, The BBC
Martin Carroll, The BBC
Julian Runnette, SME Business Conultant, http://julian.bz
Olga Tielly, AStarPR, @Olga_Tielly
Reda Haq, PRCA, @redahaq
Julien Fourgeaud, LeCatalyst, @jfourgeaud

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